Succesful event Starting Material: Is good selection a guarantee of succes – April 2024

Saturday April  13th we had our first open day event for the MCPIR consortium. MCPIR has been setup to develop specific information on all aspects of growing Cannabis in most optimal way. From seed to end user.  In our state-of-the-Art research facility we bring together different aspects of knowledge on growing cannabis and also information on equipment and building requirements, business plans eg.  The power about knowledge is sharing knowledge. The first topics presented and discussed are about phenotyping and selecting by Jaime Ahumada and what it takes to acquire and to maintain healthy mother plants to optimize cutting material by Rene Corsten.

As MCPIR we were excited having this day an international audience from Colombia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany  België and the Netherlands. We experienced a lot of enthusiasm for this day to absorb knowledge and even more valued sharing their information and ideas on research for MCPIR  It was encouraging to see how knowledge sharing was bridging between different countries on ideas and interest in each other challenges and possibilities.

As MCPIR we are grateful to all the people taking the time and effort to have joined our first open day.  

In case of interest in the readings please send your request to

We are happy to announce our next free event organized at our facility will be on the 10th of June.

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