Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research receives a license for long-term research into medicinal cannabis

Cannabis flower

Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR), the one-stop-shop for licensed cannabis producers and investors, has received a license for long-term research into the cultivation of medicinal cannabis as of December 15, 2023. MCPIR aims to develop a blueprint for the professionalization of medicinal cannabis cultivation by conducting research in its fully operational state of the art research facility.

Now that the recognition has been received, MCPIR starts with phenotyping, or the selection of the right cannabis genetics with characteristics which can lead to a better yield or, for example, specific active compounds. MCPIR will grow under different climate and light conditions, to make a selection based on various factors such as plant resistance, chemical profile, plant structure, yield and growth patterns. This process will take several months. In addition, the optimal temperature/light ratio (RTR ratio temperature radiation) will be examined in combination with the correct nutrients, biostimulants and climate settings.

MCPIR is a collaboration between various companies within the cannabis sector. These companies have jointly established a research center and platform, where research is conducted into the most optimal cultivation conditions. This project involves collaboration between the founders Delphy, Koppert, Mills Nutrients, Paradise Seeds, Philips horticulture LED solutions from Signify, Priva, as well as Brightlabs, Can-Filters, Cannabis Drying, Cannavigia, DLVge, and Van Vliet Newwen.

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