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What is MCPIR?

MCPIR is a unique collaboration of companies within the medicinal cannabis sector. Together, they have established a research center and platform, called MCPIR, where research is being conducted on the most optimal growing conditions for cannabis. The purpose of this five-year initiative is to investigate the most optimal cultivation methods for medicinal cannabis and create a blueprint for further professionalizing the cultivation process. What makes this project unique is that clients can obtain reliable information from a single platform, which was developed in a market-oriented research facility, making it a one-stop shop for licensed producers and investors.

What investigations are taking place?

The first trials will start soon and will be focussed on fine-tuning the growth chambers, cultivar selection, and creating mother stock. The following are then examined:

  • Starting materials
  • Fertilizers
  • Climate control
  • Energy saving
  • Water reuse
  • Crop-specific light recipes
  • Sustainable cultivation and crop protection
  • Biostimulants
  • Air filtration and ventilation
  • Drying systems
Cannabis plant

What we have in mind

MCPIR’s ambition is to professionalise the medicinal cannabis sector. Cannabis cultivation is a crop like any other vegetable and flower crop, which is also subject to the laws of nature. Currently, many chemicals and heavy metals are still used in cannabis cultivation and this has to change.

The aim is to investigate the optimal cultivation conditions for qualitatively and quantitatively optimal cultivation of medicinal cannabis. This research should ultimately provide a blueprint for the further professionalisation of medicinal cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis plant
Cannabis flower
Cannabis plant
Cannabis flower

Which parties are working together?

The Founding partners have technical expertise in various aspects of plant cultivation: cultivation advice, lighting, climate control, nutrition, substrate, plant stimulators, starting material, and natural disease and insect control.

The Founding partners are: Philips, Koppert B.V., Paradise Products, Priva Labs, Mills Nutrients & Substrates en Delphy.

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Members participate in the project by using its facilities, know-how, and promotion. The members are Brightlabs,, Can Filters, DLVge en Newwen.

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