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Brightlabs is the laboratory for all your analytical questions. Located in the south of The Netherlands, it is our mission to support the Pharmaceutical and Cannabis industry in their R&D and quality processes. The laboratory is well equipped with state of the art analytical equipment, for the analysis of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Pesticides, and many other components. Brightlabs is ISO17025 accredited and GMP licensed.

Cannabis drying is a company specialized in the development of drying systems for cannabis. These systems vary based on capacity and are controlled by setting the airflow, temperature and humidity. serves R&D facilities, outdoor and greenhouse nurseries and warehouse cultivators in both the recreational and medical industry.

Can Filters

Can Filters has been established as a company since 1987 and is still going strong, catering out to 34 countries around the world. All resources within our company are aimed at future development in both the production process and product development in order to provide you with the best quality products available that you can rely on….as a Professional and as a starter. We present to you the most extensive and complete program in our Industry regarding air Filtration and Ventilation. Can Filters, your reliable partner for Filters and Fans… Yes, we CAN!

Van Vliet | NEWWEN

Newwen is leader in and partner for companies that need logistic load carriers, city logistics, fulfilment resources and reusable packaging solutions. As part of the Van Vliet Containers group, Newwen offers more than 25 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and logistic load carriers in Horticulture and Retail. Newwen’s products are reusable and traceable for tracking movements and locations.


For MCPIR we supply internal and external load carriers, transport equipment, mobile work units, laboratory workstations, security packaging, IoT solutions for internal and external traceability. The application of digital technology provides information on data such as location, temperature, humidity, contents, order information and quantities.


Technical greenhouse consultancy. Specialist in (turn-key) greenhouse design, energy management, sustainable energy solution, climate cells and vertical farming, technical specifications, procurement and building supervision.


Cannavigia is dedicated to fostering transparency and traceability within the cannabis industry, specifically in cannabis cultivation. Serving as a comprehensive management tool, our software ensures global compliance across diverse legal and bureaucratic landscapes. By digitising standards and regulations, Cannavigia not only facilitates accessibility and security but also enables operational control. The software supports process and product stability, ensuring high-quality outcomes. Additionally, Cannavigia contributes to risk management by enabling effective task management, in efforts to promote excellence and quality throughout the intricate cannabis supply chain.

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We simplify cultivation.

• driving the future of sustainable, nourishing produce for everyone, everywhere.
• complex plant insights made simple
• get to know your plant today (THC, CBD, HpLVD, phenotype)
• make the invisible visible
• and optimize your cultivation, driven by the plant